engraving services
Creative Innovations
Engraving has effectively been used in a number of our Art Glass Solutions project works.   Introduced originally by Dominic Fonde, we continue to develop and refine the use of the engraved line and mark making technique on the surface of glass. B Jane Cowie does not engrave herself, but works with our AGS Engravers to hand engrave images on her glassworks.  Most notably engraving was used within the artwork My Secret Garden, a 4 meter wall artwork installed in a private home in Singapore. A modern day Palimpsest, the artwork was created from layering different image and glassmaking techniques.  The artwork was a creative response to a photo taken by the client which was the starting point for the conceptual development and overall aesthetic, as layers of modern image and glassmaking technology, were used, incorporating traditional drawing and engraving within the creative process.  Left with the subtle and simply beauty of the engraved line, the finished piece can be appreciated from a distance as well as up close, revealing multiple layers of meaning as a contemporary impressionist’s response to a lush and beautiful garden. Working with specialists engravers Cowie continues to explore the potency of this traditional mark making technique which is a permanent part of the glass.  Left as it is engraved, paint can be added to reveal or to hide these permanent tattoo iconic marks of making and messages. Covered and concealed - these engraved lines remain.