Engraving Services
Art Glass Solutions is committed to providing outreach programs that introduce art glass making to Singaporeans.  One aspect of this program includes our Engraving Services as part of various Outreach, Marketing and Special Launch Activities and Events.  We work with a number of local and international Engraving Artists for one off events and personalised services.    Our engravers will arrive 15 minutes before an event begins to set up their tools and equipment.  During the Event the Event Assistants can confirm names to be engraved on various products.  These can include perfume bottles, lipstick and other makeup accessories, wine bottles, drinking glasses as well as wine wood crates and leather tags.     It usually takes about 10 minutes to mark up and engrave a name, longer if there is a message and/or drawing required.  Do let the engraver know if there is a preferred dress code for your event.   We charge $350 per 3 hour event - additional hours costing $88 per hour.   The equipment required includes a normal electric plug with 2 power points, light, adjustable chair and high table to do the engraving in an upright position To organise an event email us at contact@artglasssolutions.com