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Product Personalization
“As a lens, culture determines how the world is seen.”   (Culture and Consumption, Grant McCracken, Indiana Unipress, 1988)   Adornment serves as a media for self expression of cultural meaning… and the ritual of gift giving is an exchange of culture from the giver, to the gifted.  The ritual of gift exchange is then a potent means of interpersonal expression and influence. It allows individuals to offer and accept symbolic properties into the lives as unique, wrapped and presented objects of desire. Giving and accepting an item contained in glass offers a unique and excellent opportunity for personalization.  It is a permanent and almost sacred ritual to engrave glass - so the item can take on meaning and an important place on the new owners life. ‘Personalizing’ an object means cultural meaning and prestige is transferred from the branded object into the individual's own world… Something that might remain anonymous, mass produced, is turned into a valued part of the individual’s collection, belonging wholly to the individual to which it is given. We create our personal ‘world of goods’ which reflects our own experience and concept of self and the world in which we as an individual, live. Giving personalised gifts becomes a powerful way to give real meaning to an object received by a loved one as inherently personal, cultural and real.