B. Jane Cowie, Creative Director of Projects, has been worked at a furious pace since 2008 to cultivate business contacts in Singapore, mainland China, Macau, Indonesia and Australia. These contacts are rapidly developed into an enviable portfolio of artworks and exhibitions that considering the young age of the company are outstanding due to their scale, ambition and execution. The maturity exhibited in these activities is most certainly due to the education, experience and expertise of the company’s founders and talented AGS artists.

Working with interior designers, art consultants and architects in Singapore, Jane continues to undertake, research and develop ‘new ways’ to work with materials to create artwork installations that suit a particular space and the client’s vision.  She travels widely within the region to build a network of manufactures, suppliers and project managers. In doing so she has been able to successfully complete numerous projects that involve the concept development, design, fabrication and installation of a diverse range of glass artworks and unique architectural installations.