Specialist Workshops

“Art is fundamental to communication which is verbal, visual, tactile, experienced, sensory and emotional. As ‘communication’ is the core philosophy of our Art Glass Specialist Workshops, we offer unique programs tailored to individual requirements that enrich the imagination, assist in the articulation of creative ideas and facilitate the making of art glass.”

Art Glass Solutions runs interactive individual and group workshops that focus on glass making techniques as we assist you develop an individual sense of creative expression.

All workshops are suitable for beginners and provide “hands on experience”. There are many different aspects of art glassmaking. Participants learn and appreciate the beauty and colour of art glass while focusing on a particular technique to develop their artwork within a creative environment.

Participants are invited to bring along their own ideas and designs to create during the workshop. Gaining a fundamental understanding of glassmaking is our aim. Everything at first is unfamiliar, yet within a short time you will be creating your own works of art glass.

What you need to bring to the AGS Glass Workshop · Protective Footwear :    *It is essential you have closed shoes to protect their feet.      *No sandals of open toed shoes please!
· Suitable Clothing :    *Glass making is not always a clean process.    *Don’t wear your best clothes as they may get damaged.    *Loose fitting long pants may be preferred in the outdoor studio.
· Protective Equipment :    *You must wear glasses to protect your eyes when working with glass.    *Your prescription glasses or light shaded sunglasses are OK.    *We have safety glasses as well.
Terms and Conditions of Workshop · All material costs included in cost of workshop. · Payment in full before workshop begins. · Students attending are to sign an indemnity form.  Art Glass Solutions cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage to personal items or students’ person while in the workshop. glassmaking-taster   kiln-forming-to-make-an-art-glass-dish   Bead-Making   hot-glass-teaser-taster
hot-glass  kiln-forming-to-make-an-art-glass-dish