The Red and The Orange
May–June 2009, Vitria Gallery, Singapore

'The Red and The Orange' was our “response to living and working in Asia” as Art Glass Solutions artists.  The title of the show came from the colour of our logo – orange - as the starting point for themes and ideas we wanted to develop within the work. The colour orange carries significance, as it also represents our livelihood and passion for hot glass - it is the colour of glowing molten glass.

The colour red has regional cultural significance. Surrounded by many aspects of the Chinese culture, the “prosperity red” is seen everywhere, especially at Lunar New Year. Additionally Singapore is often referred to as ‘the little red dot’, art galleries also denote sales by placing a red dot sticker next to the artwork once sold and a red dot on a map is a marker indicating ‘you are here’. Thematically, a big part of the show was the two of us working out where we are now - physically within this part of the world and emotionally within our careers. Moving some distance from our homes we find ourselves in a new place, located in this 'little red dot' within the South East Asian part of the world... "How did we get?" .