Art Glass Solutions

We are an entrepreneurial art, glass and design company based in Singapore since 2008.  

We strive to create high quality artworks with a contemporary aesthetic derived from an extensive understanding of art, glass and fabrication processes combined with a good understanding of visual art, design history and current culture.

We formed the company to enliven, enrich and provide new opportunities for art glass creativity in Singapore. Singapore is an excellent location for the business due to its vibrant multicultural arts scene and position within the South East Asia region. Art Glass Solutions works with a range of artists, artisans and manufacturers to create unique artworks and installations.

Our projects range from large architectural installations to unique artworks. We work with interior designers, architects, developers and private clients to design, develop and create artworks and installations for public & commercial spaces, private homes and gallery exhibitions.  

As Artist Consultants we work closely with clients, incorporating an knowledge of glassmaking history, art, design, engineering requirements and glass making expertise.

We operate an education and outreach program from our glass studio in Singapore.  

The educational program caters for those interested to learn more about art glass and glassmaking techniques while experiencing the process of making your own glass artworks. 

"We strive to nurture local talent and are key influences in the development of an art glass community in Singapore."

We Aim to

Make quality artworks for commercial applications, installations and projects.  Undertake large and small scale projects for interior designers, architects, private clients and corporate bodies by offering our Artist Consultant Services. We are artists and project managers, assisting in the development of creative concepts, design, fabrication and installation.

We operate small glassmaking facilities in Singapore for educational programs, creative development and unique projects in Singapore. The studio includes kilns, lampworking equipment and cold working facilities.

Nurturing a research and development environment that encourages creativity, innovation and experimentation we continue to support an ongoing ‘Artist in Residence’ program, ‘Internships’ and technical training opportunity.  Equipment and facilities are available for artist access,  innovative outreach and educational events.

AGS strives to enrich the lives of many through the creation of quality artworks.