Luminous Cellular Structure
Rhythmic Dragon Chi
Beijing Conrad Hotel, China, 2012

Working with LTW Designworks and LongMai Artwork Company, Artist Consultant B. Jane Cowie designed and developed architectural artworks for the lobby lounge and reception areas of the Conrad Hotel in Beijing.

During the design development process, Cowie undertook extensive experimentation with material, casting techniques and colour creation at the
YouXuan Studio, Guangzhou. Working directly with the materials and makers during the casting processes, she individually hand painted each of the 1,185 ARTglass blocks infused with colour. Cowie went on to arrange and number each block to ensure the artwork image was correctly created and orientated when installed.

Armour Screen is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese auspicious images. It is a combination of scenes from the client’s (China Merchants Group) company history to create an artwork installation imbued with history, movement, refracted light and flow of chi. Other artworks included in the same project are a 12 meter Luminous Cellular ceiling installation and 8 meter wide Dragon Chi wall feature situated behind the Hotel’s reception desk.

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