Terminal 2 Changi Airport, Singapore, 2013

Art Glass Solutions assisted Kingsmen Creatives design, develop and fabricate the organic bouquet shaped sculptures nestled in the Enchanted Garden at Terminal 2, Changi Airport. Evoking a Shangri-La-like atmosphere, the garden centerpieces are decorated with bright coloured glass mosaics, sparkling mirror accents and sculptural stained glass petals. Referencing abundance and beauty, these bouquets are filled with fresh cut flowers.

As Kingsmen where making the steel and concrete organic forms on site, our team was carving the same shapes in poly-foam at the studio. Like dressmakers we hand drew the 20,000 individual glass shapes that created the design onto paper which covered our forms. These paper patterns, were then used to individually hand cut and assemble each piece of glass onto fabric matting so the bouquets could be carefully ‘dressed’ with their bright coat of colour once the sculptures were completed on site.

A massive undertaking, our dedicated AGS Artists along with Mr Guo and his team at Tiffany Glass worked tirelessly to cut and create the carefully coordinated cladding for each of the bouquets.

The sculptural petals required unique moulds to give shape to the forms as the metal structures were welded to look like the veins in the petalled leaves. Gold and silver mirror was used to trim the coloured areas, adding sparkle as travellers wander around and through the enchanted garden.

Excitedly taking photos of themselves, friends and family, this joyfully brilliant installation is most assuredly enjoyed and photographed by many!