Merrill Lynch HarbourFront, Singapore, 2008

A signature work created in 2008 in association with Art-2 Gallery, is an installation at the driveway entrance pond at the Merrill Lynch

HarbourFront office building. Comprised of huge, organic, pastel coloured flowers supported on elegant 2.5 meter metal stems, the hand blown and hot sculptured glass flower forms were created by B. Jane Cowie and a team of glassmakers at the Canberra Glassworks in Australia. The metalwork and installation was carried out by Moki Marine, a company based in Singapore. The blooms exposed to the equatorial wind and rain, sway gently above the rippling surface of the reflective pond.

The installation compliments the space, bringing a vibrant colour burst to the office buildings’ atrium which is dynamic and nchantingly beautiful.