Barclays Bank Office, Singapore

Installed within the Entrance Lobby of the Barclays Bank Offices Singapore, the artwork is based on the Bank’s corporate logo, an eagle with outspread wings. As a symbol of dynamic movement and success, the large abstracted wing is hot cast in glass with hints of blue added to reference the logo and create movement and vitality within the form.

Hot glass was cast into a sand mould to create the form and develop the rich surface texture. Once cast, aspects of the wing were ground and polished to expose the movement and flow of the coloured glass elements within the form. The polished areas facilitated a balance between the raw natural power of nature (the outstretched wing) and the polished efficiency and shine of the institution’s professionalism.

Being one of the first projects undertaken by Art Glass Solutions, it is representative of the Company’s first year of business, a time when this new company was assembling resources, finding its feet and working on a shoe string budget to get projects completed successfully. Exhausted, relieved and reflecting upon the first year of business – the process, production and installation of this artwork represents the company’s journey – learning how to fly.