Suspended Dragon Chi
Landscape Meridians
The Orbits
Colour and Light
Foshan Intercontinental Hotel, China, 2009

Working with Hong Kong based LRF Designers and client China Poly Group Corporation, Art Glass Solutions designed and created numerous grand architectural artworks for the expansive entrance lobby and all-day dining areas.

The largest artwork Heavenly StarMap is a 12 meter diameter stained glass ceiling dome with over 50,000 individual cut and assembled glass pieces. Other artworks include the 6 meter Dragon Chi – a suspended hot-cast glass chandelier and the 9 meter Landscape Meridians – a hand patternated bronze metal screen, which frames and protects the sculptural chandelier. Additionally 2 kinetic freestanding Orbit sculptures were created for the lobby as well as a series of decorative ARTglass window panels – Colour and Light located at the all-day dining areas.