Towards Wealth
Republic Plaza, Singapore, 2010

Art Glass Solutions was commissioned by City Development Limited to create 2 large artworks at the entrance lobbies on level 1 and 2 of Republic Plaza office building in Singapore’s CBD. Incorporating kiln cast glass with elegant stainless steel structural flight paths, the glass birds are gilded with precious metals 24 carat gold leaf and 100% pure silver leaf.

The artworks capture the essence of graceful flight and dynamic movement. Birds have the ability to fly closely together without clash or collision, symbolic of vibrant activity and skilful agility. In flight, a flock of birds is a beautiful sight, exhibiting aerial expertise and grace.

The artworks welcome increased activity, new opportunities and good fortune to all who enter and work within this office building. Towards Wealth is located in the ‘wealth’ position of the architecture, encouraging new development, success and growth. Prosperity, a more intimate and precious artwork, is located in a smaller space at the 2nd level lift lobby, guilded entirely with 24 carat gold leaf.