Art Glass Solutions

We are an entrepreneurial art, glass and design company based in Singapore since 2008.

We strive to create high quality artworks with a contemporary aesthetic derived from an extensive understanding of art, glass and fabrication processes combined with a good understanding of visual art, design history and current culture.



A selection of snapshots of our artists at work


Examples of the variety of samples, artworks and smaller items available for sale and/or bespoke commission


Information about educational classes and team building workshops hosted in our Singapore studio


Details of bespoke Personalized Engraving Services offered for events festivals and celebrations

Artists at Work

Capturing a sense of the creative process, we have compiled a selection of videos that documents a few of the larger projects we have worked on so you can see our artists at work. The process of making is an important aspect of the creative process.

Understanding the material, working along side the manufacturers and within the making process often itself allows the development of new techniques innovations on existing making processes unexpected creative ideas to emerge itself.