The Palette Condominium, Singapore, 2015

Inspired by the natural beauty of coral and sea anemone tentacles, the unexpected and exquisitely coloured installation is a combination of elegant forms and flowing lines. Instantaneously stunning, fantastic and alluring. We worked with Coen Design to create an outdoor installation at the entrance driveway, that incorporates a sense of the movement and flow of the ocean’s currents. Realised with traditional hot glass blowing and sculpting techniques, the coral flowers are created by tentacles which radiate from individual pools of colour. The notion of abundance, beauty and life amidst a shared and balanced ecosystem is infused within the artwork’s concept.

Each coral flower is softly illuminated at night by several solar seed pods embedded within the artworks, initiating the incorporation of solar technology into outdoor art glass installations. Pairing the beauty and colour of glass with new technology and light, these solar seeds collect energy from the sun during the day so the artworks may be softly illuminated at night.

Client The Palette Condominium, Singapore
Designer Jane B. Cowie
Materials Glass
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