Tampines Grande, Singapore, 2010

The tampines tree is an indigenous tree found in Singapore with a unique and beautifully asymmetrical shaped leaf. Commissioned by City Development Limited Art Glass Solutions took inspiration from the tampines leaf shape with its flowing line and graceful curves. The beauty of young leaves which are, pinkish brown in colour and the tampines flowers that hang as tendrils at the axis of the leaf tips are amazingly beautiful and quiet remarkable.

We incorporated highly reflective stainless steel with lead glass crystals to create a sculpture that is lightly pinned to the wall within the stark white foyer and reception area. Boldly located on a field of red, you see the flowers nestled in the leaf axis, represented as cascades of glass crystals that sparkle like beacons in the early morning sunlight.

ClientTampines Grande
DesignerJane B. Cowie