Fuji Xerox Tower, Singapore, 2015

Enhancing our built environment, this free standing artglass installation for City Development Ltd represents the creativity, diversity and verve required to achieve sustainable growth in today’s complex and fast changing world.

Inspiration for the artwork was drawn from equatorial vegetation, exotic colour combinations and growth patterns. Vibrant colour and delicate leaf like forms become eye catching as a bold display of creative energy to brighten and enrich this buildings entrance lobby.

Colour invites interaction and invigorates our senses. Cowie notes that “colour plays a vital role in my work. Incorporating colours that contrast, accentuate and match the space is important. Complementing the overall architecture and colour within a space, is essentially what I aim to do as an artist as the artwork should bring a focus and balance to the space.”

The purity and strength of this artwork enlivens the lobby area, creating a sense of happiness, life and vitality

Client Fuji Xerox Tower, Singapore
Designer Jane B. Cowie
Materials Glass
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